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About Bodhgaya


The Birth place of Buddhism, Bodhgaya is a place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under the shade of Banyan tree, 2500 years ago, and thereafter spread the virtues of truthfulness, love, peace and nonviolence to the mankind. Revered as one of the must visit destinations of India by the flowers of Buddhism, Bodhgaya today offers a touch of modern living even while experiencing the nature with its distinctive cultural and architectural settings.

  Mahabodhi Temple:

The Mahabodhi Temple stands east to the Bodhi Tree. Its architectural effect is superb. Its basement is 48 square feet and it rises in the form of a slender Pyramid, till it reaches its neck, which is cylindrical in shape. The total height of the temple is 170 feet and on the top of the temple are Chatras which symbolize sovereignty of religion. Four towers on its four corners rise gracefully giving the holy structure a poise and balance. This sacred edifice is like a grand banner unfurled by time to proclaim to the world the pious efforts of the Buddha to solve the knots of human miseries to ascend above worldly problems and to attain transcendental peace through wisdom, good conduct and disciplined life. Inside the temple in the main sanctum, on an altar, is a colossal image of Buddha in a sitting posture touching the earth by his right hand. In this posture the Buddha accomplished the supreme enlightenment. The statue is of black stone but it has been guided by the devotees. The entire courtyard of the temple is studded with a large number of varieties of stupas votive, decorative, memorative. These stupas are of all sizes built during the past 2500 years ago. Most of them are extremely elegant in structural beauty.